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The Web and other speed-of-light communication media make it easy for consumers to compare prices. This can be a great advantage in achieving good value, as long as similar offers for goods and services are being compared.

Yet all too often oranges and bananas are compared. Who is doing the actual translating? What experience and/or qualifications do they have? What services (i.e. proofreading, layouting) are included in the final price? Anyone purchasing a translation has a right to answers to these and similar questions, as they largely determine the cost of the final product. We provide these answers as a matter of course.

We quote prices in accordance with your needs and wishes, whether based on the number of words or standard lines of source or target text, and in Euros, Pounds Sterling, Canadian or American Dollars or in any other common currency. Regardless of any fluctuation in exchange rates, prices are always binding as quoted.

For an estimate on the price of the services you require, check our on-line quotation form.

  • Price comparisons are good ― as long as similar services are compared
  • What does the price include?
  • We quote prices as desired (i.e. in any currency, per word, line etc.)
  • Quoted prices are strictly binding